Pius XI. College-Ready Academics

Pius XI Catholic High School”s college-ready program starts with outstanding academics that challenge and motivate all students to reach their full potential.

We believe that with the support of motivated teachers and a community environment, every student can succeed.

Seemingless Endless Opportunities

We offer over 100 courses to choose from – including 12 Advanced Placement classes – our course selection is vast.

Throughout our 12 teaching departments, students have the opportunity to:

  • Engage in intellectual dialogue
  • Develop critical thinking skills
  • Strengthen moral character
  • Cultivate an appreciation for lifelong learning

Academic Integrity

At Pius XI High School, academic integrity is a building block of our community.

In all actions – in the hallways, in the classroom, at summer programs, at athletic or co-curricular events – students are held to a high standard of maturity and responsibility.

As a community, we value academic honesty and respect – 24/7.

A lack of honesty compromises academic and moral integrity and is not tolerated within the Pius XI Catholic High School community.

Consequences for Academic Dishonesty

Academic dishonesty includes – but is not limited to – any type of cheating, such as plagiarizing, copying another student’s work, letting someone copy your work, or using resources like calculators, notebooks or cell phones when not allowed.

Consequences may include – but are not limited to – a failing grade, loss of privileges, serving detention, or being disbarred from the National Honor Society.

In instances of academic dishonesty, a teacher may communicate with a student’s parents, a department chair and the administration.

Integrity is a bedrock of the entire Pius XI Catholic High School experience. By adhering to these standards, Pius XI students are prepared to face world challenges with integrity.