Opportunities Abound

Pius XI Catholic High School offers a wide breadth of experiences for students across 12 academic departments.

When students learn at Pius XI, they are introduced to a wide-ranging curriculum that inspires.

Pius XI offers a wide range of coursework in its curriculum, from foreign language to science, visual arts to engineering. Coursework this expansive ensures there is something to engage everyone in our student body.

Our award-winning faculty are scholars in their own right: with degrees ranging from Marquette to Harvard, students receive a hands-on education that prepares them for the challenges of post-secondary education and beyond.

More Than Just Educators: Faculty are Collaborators

Pius XI students develop academically through a range of smart learning programs, which encourage collaboration and coordination in the classroom.

This is not a place for “by the book” learning: we encourage students to think critically about the material and apply it to their own lives and in their own communities.

Academic Faculty and Approach Sets Pius XI Apart

At Pius XI, we are not looking to create students who are good just at filling in bubbles on a standardized test.

We’re looking to encourage growth in the next generation of innovators and critical thinkers who will make changes in their communities for good.

We guide students in developing their God-given talents so they can find their own place in the world and help them find their own meaning of success.