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Engineering Department

Pius XI Catholic High School is Proud to be a Project Lead The Way® (PLTW) School

PLTW is a not-for-profit organization that forms partnerships with schools, higher education institutions, and the private sector.

First introduced in 1997 to twelve New York state high schools, today, PLTW is now offered in more than 5,000 schools in 50 states and the District of Columbia.

PLTW creates dynamic partnerships with schools to prepare an increasing and more diverse group of students to be successful in engineering and engineering technology programs.

“We are thrilled to partner with local engineers and offer dynamic learning opportunities to inspire the next generation of forward thinkers.”
Sara Glodoski, Engineering Faculty

The Engineering – Project Lead the Way – Program is Designed to:

  • Introduce students to the scope, rigor and discipline of engineering prior to entering college.
    • Even if not planning to pursue a four-year college degree in engineering, students benefit greatly from the knowledge and thought-processes resulting from taking some or all of the program courses.
  • Develop hands-on and critical thinking skills.
  • Allow students to earn college credit for each of their PLTW courses.
  • Cultivate a student’s ability to use technology software by making interdisciplinary connections.
  • Be taken all four years.

Program Highlights:

  • Pius XI PLTW graduating seniors have traditionally earned more than 165 college engineering credits.
  • Pius XI PLTW students have been offered more than $175,000 in college scholarships on an annual basis.
  • Pius XI PLTW students are 50% ethnically diverse and 20% female.
  • In 2016, the Pius XI Rube Goldberg team won the National Competition.

For a complete list of courses, access the Pius XI curriculum guide »

Engineering Faculty

Cathy Zurawski
Cathy ZurawskiEngineering & Science Faculty, STEM Department Chairperson
M.A. Marquette University, B.S., UW-Madison
Sara Glodoski
Sara GlodoskiEngineering Faculty
M.S., UW-Milwaukee, B.S. Milwaukee School of Engineering

Pius XI offers an exceptional educational experience grounded in four core pillars of excellence

• Living the Faith
• College-Ready Academics
• Renowned Arts Program
• Winning Athletics

Award-winning faculty are scholars in their own right and committed to student success

• 100+ courses
• 12 Advanced Placement classes
• Customized Tailored Curriculum
• Engage students in intellectual dialogue
• Cultivating lifelong learning

Pius XI is a warm and welcoming community of global learners

• Diverse, International Community
• Broad World Perspective
• Academic Prowess
• Respect and Dignity of Others
• Deep Appreciation of Peers

Upon graduation, our students are prepared with life skills to succeed

• 93% of Pius XI graduates continue their education at a four-year university or college
• After attaining a Bachelors degree, 32% of grads will pursue an advanced degree
• Pius XI grads have been chosen by every Ivy League and Big 10 School