Fr. Robert V. Carney Performing Arts Center

A Premiere Performing Arts Center

Opened in 2012, the Father Robert V. Carney Performing Arts Center is a community-based presenting organization on the Pius XI Catholic High School campus.

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The Performing Arts Center Mission

The mission of the Father Carney Center is to present outstanding performing arts, visual arts and arts education programs reflective of Milwaukee’s diverse communities and the mission of Pius XI Catholic High School.

A central part of the mission is to introduce young people to the performing arts and visual arts, enhance their creativity and expose them to new experiences and ideas.

What the Performing Arts Center offers

Inside the Father Carney Center, the 500-seat Wendy Joy Lindsey Theater features concerts and plays by students in the Pius XI Performing Arts Program and performances by exceptional artists from the Milwaukee community and beyond.

Both the Carron Family Gallery and the Joseph and Harriet Kern Gallery display work by outstanding Pius XI students and alumni.

Our Namesake. Fr. Robert V. Carney

Father Robert V. Carney – or, as our students called him, Father Bob – was an invaluable part of our school community. Father Bob (1939-2003) was an avid patron of the arts, a supporter of our students, and a faith-filled man who brought Jesus’ message to all he talked to.

Father Bob began his journey at Pius in 1968 when he was assigned to our school as a young priest. Here, he fell in love with teaching; he enjoyed connecting with students, faculty, staff, and parents in his daily ministry.

He served many roles over his tenure at Pius XI, including teaching students in the Religion department, a Big Buddies Mentor, School Chaplain, and Alumni Director.

Father Bob was a charismatic, faith-driven man who loved to nurture our students’ intellectual curiosity and artistic talents. He was a frequent supporter of Pius XI students and alumni and was always there to lend a hand or offer some advice when they needed him.

We were blessed to have Father Bob as part of our school community for 35 years, and to honor him with the Father Robert V. Carney Performing Arts Center in 2012.