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Welcome International Students

By offering students from across the globe to be a part of the Pius XI community, all students – domestic and international – broaden their world perspective by developing an understanding and appreciation for different cultures.

In doing so, students have a deeper appreciation for their own culture and an understanding of the issues that are facing the global world today.

Pius XI Catholic High School embraces this pioneering spirit and welcomes International Students to matriculate as part of our community.

Our International Students are as Diverse as our Domestic Students

All international students seek the same thing as our entire student population – academic rigor, inspiring extracurricular engagement, and faith-based moral character development.

Currently 72 students from seven different countries – China, Vietnam, Brazil, Ivory Coast, Montenegro, Croatia, and Germany – attend Pius XI as International Students.

They’ve joined our community for many reasons. There are those who have ambitions of studying at American universities and want to earn an American high school diploma while practicing their English. Others are seeking to develop their cultural awareness. Still others have elected to spend one semester or year as a study abroad experience and plan to return to their home country.  

WIA – A Unique Opportunity to Bring the Globe into the Classroom

The Wisconsin International Academy (WIA) is a leading partner in Pius XI’s International Student placement. WIA is an innovative, residential program for Chinese students studying at American high schools.

By partnering with Pius XI Catholic High School, WIA provides opportunities for students to develop their English skills and to learn about American culture through both classroom learning and interactive extra-curricular activities.

The majority of our international students live in the WIA dorms located close to Pius XI. While in the dorm, students receive tutoring, academic support, and ELL classes. Others live in “home-stays” where a family will open their home to a student for the school year giving students a true American family experience.

More than Academics. It’s a Full Immersion into the Entire High School Experience

International students are encouraged to participate in co-curricular activities that interest them. It’s a great opportunity for students to participate in things they may have never tried before.

Students participate in a broad range of activities at Pius XI – including sports, art, music, drama, service opportunities, retreats and student organizations.

TIP: The more students are immersed into school programs and offerings, the sooner they begin to feel and function as deeply invested members of the school community.

We Answer the Call to be Global Citizens

As our world rapidly changes, Pius XI students are acting as global citizens today more than at any other time in history. True to our mission, our students are prepared to develop cultural awareness and confidence while working alongside those from differing backgrounds.

By respecting the dignity of each individual and building bridges on the foundation of our commonalities, we move forward in understanding and peace.

To begin the process of applying as an International Applicant, visit our Apply Now page.  We look forward to having you join us!

Pius XI offers an exceptional educational experience grounded in four core pillars of excellence

• Living the Faith
• College-Ready Academics
• Renowned Arts Program
• Winning Athletics

Award-winning faculty are scholars in their own right and committed to student success

• 100+ courses
• 12 Advanced Placement classes
• Customized Tailored Curriculum
• Engage students in intellectual dialogue
• Cultivating lifelong learning

Pius XI is a warm and welcoming community of global learners

• Diverse, International Community
• Broad World Perspective
• Academic Prowess
• Respect and Dignity of Others
• Deep Appreciation of Peers

Upon graduation, our students are prepared with life skills to succeed

• 93% of Pius XI graduates continue their education at a four-year university or college
• After attaining a Bachelors degree, 32% of grads will pursue an advanced degree
• Pius XI grads have been chosen by every Ivy League and Big 10 School