Pius XI Learning Commons

The Learning Commons, located off the lobby of Pius XI Catholic High School, is designed for students to work collaboratively with each other.

Within the Center are three designated programs – Peer Tutoring, the Post-Secondary Lab, and the Writing Center. All designed to meet student needs.

Learning and Working Together

Functioning as the cornerstone of the Learning Commons, the Writing Center was designed to improve students’ writing skills overall. Trained writing tutors are available throughout the entire school day for students to work on any type of writing from academic papers to personal writing to college essays.

The Writing Center is open for students to use as often as they choose to work through multiple stages of a draft. Students can reserve appointments with the writing tutors online or walk-in to see if a tutor is available.

Students Can Grow, Develop, and Challenge Each Other

Within the Learning Commons is the Peer Tutoring Center. In this section of the Learning Commons, students can sign up for a 1-1 tutoring conferences to receive help in courses such as Biology, History, Engineering, and Foreign Language classes.

In addition to peer tutoring, students can reserve tables to work on group projects or partner work.

Centrally located in the Learning Commons is the Post-Secondary Lab. This designated area provides ACT and AP resources for students to prepare for college. Computers are also available for students to research prospective colleges.

Overall, the Learning Commons space allows students to work together in order to better themselves as scholars for the future.

For more information on any of these resources, please contact Lauren Schimmels.