Our Mission

Pius XI Catholic High School welcomes a diverse community of students into our care.

Inspired by our Catholic values, we prepare our students for higher education and lead them toward lives guided by faith, driven by compassion, formed by scholarship, and prepared to engage the world.

Students with Strong Character and Moral Compasses

During their high school careers, we watch and guide as our students develop into mindful, caring citizens of the world: people with strong character and moral compasses who are confident in their own God-given talents and prepared to tackle life’s opportunities.

We are proud of our students.

Achieving Academic Success

Individualized learning means that we take the time to get to know the whole person and develop teaching plans that work with their skills and abilities to ensure students reach their maximum potential.

Because of this attention, our students excel: they develop into critical thinkers, curious advocates, and strong academics.

The world does not exist in a vacuum – and neither does Pius XI

Pius XI prides itself on being involved with our local and national communities.

Our students frequently venture out into the “real world” with volunteer opportunities and on mission trips, and we are proud to host nearly 80 students from 7 countries.

Our community prides itself in being open-minded, rooted in the Gospel message, and intentionally preparing itself to be successful global citizens of the world.

Pius XI is a Place for Every Student