School Profile

Pius XI Catholic High School is more than a school: it’s a community.

Our students walk in the door their first year and often leave at graduation as different people – and we couldn’t be more proud of them.

There are countless opportunities for students to grow and excel at Pius XI. Traditional high school activities are in place alongside our rigorous academics.

Plus there is so much more from an award-winning and renowned visual arts program to high quality athletic coaching… from learning how to walk with Christ to demonstrating it through community service.

Pius XI is a school unlike any other.


2016-2017  School Profile

Total Enrollment – 807
Total Financial Aid Awarded – $1.9 million
Students Receiving Financial Aid – 72%
International Students Studying at Pius XI – 72
Pius Clubs and Service Group Choices – 38
Percentage of Students Going to College – 93%
Graduation Rate – 99%
Student Work Displayed at Fine Arts Week – 151

Inspiration in Our Four Operating Pillars

The numbers show more than we could ever tell you: they show how our students love their community and our thriving.

Success in the numbers is a direct result of our vigilant focus in four core pillars: Faith, Academics, Arts, and Athletics. It’s Why Pius XI is the school of opportunity.