Science Department

At Pius XI, students experience hands-on scientific inquiry, through which they study the natural world and propose explanations based on real evidence.

Through labs and activities that both integrate and connect the major areas of science, students learn to understand that science is an on-going process of inquiry rather than merely an accumulation of unrelated facts.

“I am so proud of our program that allows students so many opportunities to integrate major scientific themes, such as energy, change, constancy, measurement, form and function, across various scientific disciplines.”
Mary Wolff, Science Department Faculty Member

The Science Department focuses on the use of technology to give students real world experiences in collecting and analyzing data to come to conclusions and solve problems.

The Science Program is Designed to:

  • Enable students to practice and use scientific inquiry, creativity and knowledge to ask testable questions, predict outcomes, design and perform experiments and draw conclusions.
  • Give students the tools to apply new knowledge to generate and assess problems, solving them with increasing frequency and complexity.
  • Perform experiments by gathering, analyzing, and communicating data – using modern technology and other methods – thus developing problem solving skills that they can apply to other areas of their lives.
  • Provide students with various experiences to use technology for the acquisition, analysis and presentation of data.
  • Enable students to use their knowledge and understanding on the natural world to serve as scientifically, socially and environmentally responsible citizens.
  • Be taken for three years at a minimum. Students may decide to pursue a core science curriculum or may customize the science curriculum in consultation with their current science teacher.
    • The three years must consist of Biology and two additional science credits.
  • Biology, Environmental Science and Physics are offered at the Advanced Placement level for college credit. 

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Science Faculty

<strong>Cathy Zurawski</strong>
Cathy ZurawskiDepartment Chairperson
B.S., Marquette University
<strong>Emily Brown</strong>
Emily BrownScience Faculty
B.S. UW-La Crosse
<strong>Patty Hupfer Riedel</strong>
Patty Hupfer RiedelScience Faculty
M.A., Silver Lake College, B.S., St. Norbert College

<strong>Devon Smith</strong>
Devon SmithScience Faculty
<strong>Valerie Stone</strong>
Valerie StoneScience Faculty
B.S., UW-Stevens Point
<strong>Zorica Zivkovic</strong>
Zorica ZivkovicScience Faculty
M.Ed., Marian College, B.A., Alverno College