Social Sciences Department

The world is changing, as are its opportunities and challenges.

A wide foundation in the social sciences prepares students to approach these changes with an understanding about how people and the world have worked – and how it works today.

“Students who attend the Gettysburg trip, have an increased appreciation of US history which is continually demonstrated in the classroom upon their return.”
Richard Carpenter, Social Science Faculty

The social sciences program at Pius XI Catholic High School offers a wide variety of courses intended to inform, challenge, and shape our students’ world views.

Courses offer opportunities for students to think critically about the world around them, as well as develop the solutions necessary to make positive changes in their communities.

The Social Sciences Program is Designed to Enable Students to:

  • Develop the abilities to identify, describe, assess, interpret, and evaluate sources and ideas through multiple lenses within the Social Sciences.
  • Challenge the perceptions of reality and create a fundamental understanding of economic, political, historical, social, and psychological forces that shape our world.
  • Cultivate an active commitment to social justice and an improved global community.
  • Develop the skills to communicate through written, spoken and technological means, and improve critical thinking skills.

Program Highlights:

  • Students are required to take 3.0 credits of Social Sciences to graduate.
    • Requirements include one semester of Foundations of American Government or Honors Government, two semesters of either United States History or AP United States History, and one semester of Economics or AP Macroeconomics.
  • Students have opportunities to explore the Social Sciences outside of the classroom through travel to Gettysburg, Chicago Art Museums, and Milwaukee City Hall.
  • Students are involved in competitions such as the Wisconsin Stock Market Game, The State Finance, and Investment Quiz Bowl.
  • Students are able to participate in in-school events such as Little Kids Day and the Holocaust Outreach Project.

For a complete list of courses, access the Pius XI curriculum guide »

Social Sciences Faculty

<strong>Roger Radke</strong>
Roger RadkeDepartment Chairperson
M.Ed., National-Louis University, B.S., UW-Milwaukee
<strong>Richard Carpenter</strong>
Richard CarpenterSocial Sciences Faculty
M.A. Silver Lake College, B.A., Marquette University
<strong>Joel Claassen</strong>
Joel ClaassenSocial Sciences Faculty
B.S., UW-Oshkosh

<strong>Amanda Kaun</strong>
Amanda KaunSocial Sciences Faculty
B.A., UW-Madison
<strong>Alan McCauley</strong>
Alan McCauleySocial Sciences Faculty
M.A.R.S., Cardinal Stritch University, B.A., Marquette University
<strong>Jake Nowak</strong>
Jake NowakSocial Sciences Faculty
M.A., Cardinal Stritch University, B.A., UW-Madison

<strong>Ruth Regent-Smith</strong>
Ruth Regent-SmithSocial Sciences Faculty
M.A., Marquette University, B.S., St. Norbert College
<strong>Mary Talsky</strong>
Mary TalskySocial Sciences Faculty
National Board Certified Teacher (NBCT), M.A., UW Milwaukee, B.A., Marquette University