Special Studies

This ungraded, non-credited program provides academic support for students who have been diagnosed with Specific Learning Disabilities by a professional educational evaluator (such as a psychologist or IEP Team).

Students are 100% mainstreamed into the regular Pius XI classroom curriculum.

The Special Studies Program is Designed to Enable Students to:

  • Understand their disabilities and how they affect their learning.
  • Communicate with others and advocate for themselves.
  • Compensate for learning disabilities, leading to academic and personal success.

Program Highlights:

  • There are approximately 60 students in this college-prep program.
  • Two LD resource teachers who are certified in Special Education.
  • A student will stay in the program with the same resource teacher for all four years of high school.
  • A student will begin the program as a freshman and continue through graduation. A student sees their LD resource teacher as many times as that particular student needs.
    • If a Pius XI student is diagnosed with learning disabilities while attending Pius XI, he or she will enter the program as soon as that diagnosis is made.
  • 90% of the students in the Learning Disabilities Program attend a variety of colleges throughout Wisconsin and the United States.

Special Studies: Reading Strategies Program

Enrollment in this graded, half-credit course is determined by the placement test given to each student entering Pius XI. This course is designed to assist students in attaining their potential in reading competency. Diagnostic testing is used to determine skill levels and to inform instruction.

Students Will Learn to:

  • Read independently in a variety of mediums, including informational, technological and recreational texts.
  • Develop skills to support their reading, such as vocabulary acquisition, word attack skills, silent and oral reading, fluency, comprehension skills, and critical evaluation of print and non-print text.

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Special Studies Faculty

<strong>Anne Findlay</strong>
Anne FindlayDepartment Chairperson
B.S., Illinois State University
<strong>John Martin</strong>
John MartinSpecial Studies Faculty
M.S., UW – Whitewater