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Student Orientation and Support

Incoming freshmen, transfer students, and parents of all students are afforded several opportunities to get better acquainted with the Pius XI Catholic High School community.

In these events, lifelong friends are made and a bond is developed between new students and their new academic and faith home. It’s truly a memorable experience many students carry with them for the rest of their lives.

“Orientation was one of the most positive experiences I had at Pius XI. Before classes even started, I had a chance to get to know the school, find my locker, and make friends who I still consider my best friends today – more than five years after graduation!”
Emily Topczewski, Class of 2011

New Student Orientation

Orientation prior to the regular start of classes is part of the curriculum for all freshmen and transfer students.

During these mandatory school days, incoming freshmen and students new to Pius XI learn the skills they need to be successful at Pius XI Catholic High School. From learning their way around the building – and how exactly mods work – to making friendships that last for years to come, many of our students cite this as a favorite high school experience.

Transfer Orientation – Monday, August 14, 2017

Freshmen Orientation – Thursday, August 17 and Friday, August 18, 2017

“What better way to get to know Pius XI than exploring the school with your new classmates? Orientation is an integral key to the success of our students – it really gets Freshman year off on the right foot.”

Ruth Regent-Smith, Pius XI Faculty

Parent Orientation

Transitioning to high school isn’t just for students – it can be tough on parents too.

All current Pius XI parents are invited to an informative evening event to discover the expectations for the coming school year. Parents will have the opportunity to meet their student’s T.A.C. teacher, review student schedules, and meet Pius XI faculty and staff.

Back to School Parent Night – Thursday, September 7

Pius XI offers an exceptional educational experience grounded in four core pillars of excellence

• Living the Faith
• College-Ready Academics
• Renowned Arts Program
• Winning Athletics

Award-winning faculty are scholars in their own right and committed to student success

• 100+ courses
• 12 Advanced Placement classes
• Customized Tailored Curriculum
• Engage students in intellectual dialogue
• Cultivating lifelong learning

Pius XI is a warm and welcoming community of global learners

• Diverse, International Community
• Broad World Perspective
• Academic Prowess
• Respect and Dignity of Others
• Deep Appreciation of Peers

Upon graduation, our students are prepared with life skills to succeed

• 93% of Pius XI graduates continue their education at a four-year university or college
• After attaining a Bachelors degree, 32% of grads will pursue an advanced degree
• Pius XI grads have been chosen by every Ivy League and Big 10 School