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Tablesetters. Catholic Social Justice in Action

Tablesetters is a program dedicated to reaching out to others in need.

Students participating in Tablesetters effectively “set place at the table” for those in need by organizing activities that help our greater community.

For Pius XI Catholic High School, Tablesetters is the leading organizing body dedicated to our full commitment to community service.

The Power of “Tablesetting”

By making clear connections between service and the teachings of the Catholic Church, young people are able to see that the Church remains relevant and cutting edge in its commitment to social justice.

Driving Themes of Tablesetters

Catholic Social Teaching is focused on seven key themes and it’s what drives the Tablesetters planning at Pius XI each year…

  1. Life and Dignity of the Human Person
  2. Call to Family, Community, and Participation
  3. Rights and Responsibilities
  4. Options for the Poor and Vulnerable
  5. Dignity of Work and the Rights of Workers
  6. Solidarity
  7. Care for God’s Creation

History of Tablesetters

The Tablesetters program began in 2005 at St. Francis Borgia School in Cedarburg, WI. The name of the program is derived from the United States Conference of Catholics Bishops’ Pastoral Reflection.

The table analogy symbolizes the Bishop’s work in the teaching that all God’s children deserve a place at the table.

Today, the program operates at four Catholic Elementary Schools and two Catholic High Schools in the Milwaukee Archdiocese, including Pius XI Catholic High School. Our students are very active participants in developing justice programs, and initiatives in and outside of our school community.

There is so much promise in what is to come – for and from – these ambitious Catholic student leaders.

Beginning with the 2015-2016 school term, the Catholic Relief Services (CRS) in conjunction with Pius XI Catholic High School launched an initiative to expand the program’s reach to ten elementary schools in the Milwaukee Archdiocese.

Meetings and Activities

Tablesetters meet the first through third Tuesday of each month during the school year from 3:15 pm-4:00 pm in the Pius XI Catholic High School Faith Formation Center.

There are no meetings on the fourth Tuesday of each month as members of Tablesetters participate in outreach activities at Kathy’s House – a guest house committed to providing affordable lodging and caring support in a “home away from home” environment for hospital patients and their families.

All Pius XI Catholic High School students are welcome to:

  • attend any or all Tablesetters meetings,
  • dedicate on a deeper level to be part of the leadership & planning team, or
  • participate in individual Tablesetters sponsored outreach programs.

Please check back frequently for ongoing updates to our meeting and outreach calendar.

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