Pius XI Catholic High School is committed to several significant technology initiatives with the goal of becoming a 1:1 school (one computer for each student).

We Value New Technology for All Students

Pius XI currently issues Chromebooks to all 9th grade students to use both at school and at home for academic purposes.

For those students not included in the first Chromebook deployment, Pius XI enacted a Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) policy that allows each student to bring up to two internet connected devices to school for academic use, including their phones.

Online Software Brings Universal Opportunities

In support of the 1:1 initiative, all students are provided with a Microsoft Office 365 account permitting students to create, edit, and save Microsoft Office documents completely online, in addition to having full access to a personal Pius XI email account.

To complement the new Microsoft Office accounts, an online learning and teaching community was launched using Schoology. The Schoology online community allows teachers to provide materials and resources online so that students are able to access assignments from any location whenever they are connected the internet.

Students can complete and submit work online, as well as communicate quickly and easily with teachers and peers. Many social groups have been established within Schoology allowing students to more easily connect and coordinate with each other.

Living and Learning in a Digital Community

As students and faculty collaborate to manage work in a digital environment, having the ability to expand learning beyond the walls of our physical space is generating a plethora of possibilities for an exciting new future.