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Theology Department

Here at Pius XI Catholic High School, we believe that every student – every person – is created in God’s own divine image.

The Theology department is focused on a mission – enable students to internalize knowing, loving and serving God and others.

Our curriculum is grounded in the belief that God’s unconditional love is manifested in the Life, Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

“The entire staff and faculty strives to be the best role models as each of us can be, aka we demonstrate our Catholic identity.”

Al McCauley, Faculty Member

The Theology Program is Designed to:

  • Challenge students creatively to know and apply the Catholic Faith Tradition.
  • Articulate a sound understanding of God’s presence in our lives.
  • Expose students to a wide variety of prayer experiences.
  • Enable students to serve as Jesus would serve their families, Pius XI community, local community, and global community.

Program Highlights:

  • Experienced faculty with various backgrounds to provide a curriculum rooted in real world experiences.
  • Interdisciplinary Curriculum.
  • Award-winning mentor program.
  • Comprehensive retreat program – including the Kairos Retreat.
  • School-wide service programs.

For a complete list of courses, access the Pius XI curriculum guide »

Theology Faculty

Ron Kuenstler
Ron KuenstlerDepartment Chairperson
M.A.R.S., Cardinal Stritch University, B.A., Cardinal Stritch University
S. Jane Marie Bradish, OSF
S. Jane Marie Bradish, OSFTheology Faculty
M.A., Cardinal Stritch University. M.S., Cardinal Stritch College, B.A., Alverno College
Lisa Thoren
Lisa ThorenTheology Faculty
M.A. Mount Mary College, B.A., Marquette University

Thomas Chmielewski
Thomas ChmielewskiTheology Faculty
B.A., St. Francis de Sales College
Jason Gonzalez
Jason GonzalezTheology Faculty
B.A., St. Louis University
Mike Kolz
Mike KolzTheology Faculty
M.P.S., Loyola University, B.A., Cardinal Stritch University

Kay Hupfer Marren
Kay Hupfer MarrenTheology Faculty
M.R.E., Loyola University of Chicago, B.A. St. Norbert College
Alan McCauley
Alan McCauleyTheology Faculty
M.A.R.S., Cardinal Stritch University, B.A., Marquette University

Pius XI offers an exceptional educational experience grounded in four core pillars of excellence

• Living the Faith
• College-Ready Academics
• Renowned Arts Program
• Winning Athletics

Award-winning faculty are scholars in their own right and committed to student success

• 100+ courses
• 12 Advanced Placement classes
• Customized Tailored Curriculum
• Engage students in intellectual dialogue
• Cultivating lifelong learning

Pius XI is a warm and welcoming community of global learners

• Diverse, International Community
• Broad World Perspective
• Academic Prowess
• Respect and Dignity of Others
• Deep Appreciation of Peers

Upon graduation, our students are prepared with life skills to succeed

• 93% of Pius XI graduates continue their education at a four-year university or college
• After attaining a Bachelors degree, 32% of grads will pursue an advanced degree
• Pius XI grads have been chosen by every Ivy League and Big 10 School