World Languages Department

Through Pius XI’s World Languages program, students learn to think bi-culturally from both their own perspectives and that of the region being studied.

Students develop language proficiency, cultural knowledge and sensitivity, and a desire to seek first-hand experiences in an effort to become global citizens.

“Expand your horizons by taking advantage of our Traveling Abroad (with homestays) and Class Trips. Both are great ways to practice language skills and experience the cultural differences within our global world.”
Phillip Losey, Department Chair

As nations become increasingly interdependent, the need for effective communication and sensitivity to foreign cultures becomes increasingly important.

Language study opens doors to new cultures, thereby enhancing the student’s education in a multitude of areas – including fine arts, history, geography, gastronomy and sociology.

The World Languages Program is Designed to:

  • Give students the skills for proficiency in speaking, listening, reading, and writing an acquired language.
  • Foster cultural awareness, understanding, and appreciation.
  • Identify connections between the native language and the acquired language with the goal of a deeper understanding of the mechanics of both languages.
  • Be taken all four years for language proficiency.

Program Highlights:

  • 5 levels of Spanish and 4 levels of French offered; 2-year Native Speaker Spanish program.
  • 2 credit graduation requirement in the same language.
  • Incoming freshmen are placed in a language level based on the recommendation of their present language teacher and a placement test.
  • Online offerings via e-Achieve Academy in German, Latin, Mandarin Chinese and AP French.

Benefits at the College/University Level:

  • Retroactive credits – Pius XI graduates have received as many as 16 college credits for their high school study.
  • Our students regularly earn AP credits at the college/university level for a score of 3, 4 or 5 on the AP exam.

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<strong>Phillip Losey</strong>
Phillip LoseyDepartment Chair
MAT, Marquette University, B.A. UW Madison
<strong>Jennifer Anthes</strong>
Jennifer AnthesWorld Languages Faculty
B.A., UW-Stevens Point
<strong>Lucia Bakemeyer</strong>
Lucia BakemeyerWorld Languages Faculty
M.A., UW-Madison, B.A., UW-Milwaukee
<strong>Shannon King</strong>
Shannon KingWorld Languages Faculty
B.A., St. Louis University
<strong>David Petro</strong>
David PetroWorld Languages Faculty
B.A., UW-Milwaukee
<strong>Nicole Tridimas</strong>
Nicole TridimasWorld Languages Faculty
B.S. Marquette University