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The Writing Center

The Pius XI Writing Center is designed to help students move through the writing process with a trained writing tutor. Students can bring any type of writing to the Writing Center such as papers for any class, college essays, ACT writing practice, and personal writing.

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Students can schedule a session with any of our tutors by stopping in the Writing Center or by clicking below.

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Meet Our Writing Tutors


Favorite place to think: The Scuppernong hiking trails in Delafield because the natural surroundings make it easy to relax and disconnect for a while.


Favorite genre of writing: Creative writing because I enjoy creating my own story and putting my ideas out there for people to enjoy.


Favorite place to think: Definitely a music practice room. A peaceful space with muffled music from adjacent rooms is the perfect environment for me to focus.


Advice for writers: Don’t be afraid to push boundaries and take risks because some of their best work might be something they were initially apprehensive to share.


Advice for writers: Don’t worry so much on the length. Think more on what is being asked and what you have to prove.


Why I love the process: Because it allows you to express yourself. You are allowed to be who you are without any restraints. Your words won’t disappear the next day, and it’s something that will remain for as long as you want it.


Favorite place to think: My room because it’s a bit isolated from the rest of the house and provides me with a peaceful sanctuary.


Advice for writers: Your ideas are valuable. Your creations are important. What you have to say matters.


Favorite genre of writing: Analytical essays because they make me re-analyze the book I had just read and help me think deeper into the plot.


Why I love the writing process: The writing process fascinates me because there are hundreds of ways to approach a single paper. There are so many solutions to the problems that writing presents, and I love finding the right one for me.


Advice for writers: Don’t let your doubts prevent you from expressing yourself. Everyone has things that they need to work on as writers or just as people. Self-expression isn’t supposed to be generically perfect.


Advice for writers: Just write because no one can write like how you write because it’s you.


Favorite genre of writing: Fiction because, as a person who is not very good with visual art, creating something with my mind and with words is how I put something of my own into the world.

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