English Department

Helping our students master the art of the English language is a priority of the faculty at Pius XI Catholic High School.

The world needs great writers – and our curriculum is designed to prepare our students to become them.

“Our first goal is to hone students ability to craft a variety of documents with clarity, voice, organization, purpose and audience in mind.”
Renee Collins, English Department Chair

We are proud to offer challenging courses that encourage students to develop critical thinking skills, cohesive word crafting, and exquisite grammar.

The English Program is Designed to Enable Students to:

  • Use active reading strategies to read, analyze, and synthesize a variety of texts.
  • Define literary devices, identify them in text, and extrapolate the purpose and effect of literary devices on a text as a whole.
  • Examine the importance of memory (how a text draws on source material such as the Bible or Shakespeare) and pattern (how an author uses common tropes and archetypes to form a text) in analyzing fiction.
  • Derive original and relevant theme statements from complex texts.
  • Use textual evidence to defend arguments and analysis – in both written and oral situations.
  • Develop the oral communication skills necessary to be successful in presentations, debates, large group discussions, small group discussions and performances.
  • “Read” visual and auditory texts such as paintings, sculpture, film, and music and apply relevant strategies to aid this process.

Program Highlights:

  • Pius XI’s English program is designed to be rigorous, challenging, and inspirational for students of all backgrounds and levels.
  • Students who participate actively and earnestly will be amply prepared for success on the ACT, in AP English courses, and in college.
  • After sophomore year, students are given the unique opportunity to choose English courses which accommodate their interests – and hone particular skills and talents.

For a complete list of courses, access the Pius XI curriculum guide »

English Faculty

<strong>Renee Collins</strong>
Renee CollinsDepartment Chairperson
B.S., Boston College
<strong>Rebecca Foster</strong>
Rebecca FosterEnglish Faculty
B.S.Ed., University of Minnesota
<strong>Scott Herrick</strong>
Scott HerrickEnglish Faculty
B.S., Milton College
<strong>Terry Mank</strong>
Terry MankEnglish Faculty
B.S., UW-Platteville
<strong>Daniel Martin</strong>
Daniel MartinEnglish Faculty
B.S., UW-Milwaukee
<strong>Lauren Schimmels</strong>
Lauren SchimmelsEnglish Faculty
B.S., Marquette University
<strong>Christine Trainor</strong>
Christine TrainorEnglish Faculty
B.S., Marquette University